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Reiki is an energy healing treatment, transferring energy from the universe, using either a hands on or hands off approach to another person.  It is a wonderful gentle treatment that can help with emotional and physical healing.
It is suitable for adults, children and animals.
Treatment sessions are
30 minutes                          £15.00
60 minutes                          £30.00
90 minutes                          £45.00

Reiki may help you with:
Anxiety and stress
Aches and pains
And so much more….
Reflexology is an alternative treatment that applies pressure to the feet, face or hands that correlate to different organs and parts of the body by stimulating the nervous system.

Reflexology could help with

Rest and relaxation
Stress and anxiety
Headaches and Migraines following:
Arthritis ……. And so much more

1 hour treatment £30.00