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Incense Sticks and Holders
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We do try to keep this list up to date.  If we are short of any item for your order, we will contact you, however, it shouldn't be more than a couple of days before our new stocks arrive.
Wildberry Shorties Incense (pack of 10)
Wildberry Shorties are 4 inch incense sticks with a distinctive colour stick so as you can recognise the fragrances. The fragrances are very strong and true to their names.
Price: £1.20
Tulasi & Stamford Incense
Twenty 9 inch sticks in a hexagonal packet. Finest Quality.
Price: £1.25
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Nag Champa
15gm Pack (approx 15 sticks)
Made from a sandalwood base to which is added essential oil from the flower of the Champak tree and others to make this heady and distinctive fragrance.
Price: £1.80
Super Hit Incense
15gm Pack (approx 15 sticks)
Similar to Nag Champa but milder and less musky.
Price: £1.80
Morning Star Incense
50 x 12cm sticks of Highest Quality fragrances. These short sticks are solid incense and not on bamboo. Each pack contains a small ceramic holder.
Price: £3.95
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Satya Export Quality Incense
Hand Rolled, World Reknowned, fine fragrance incense sticks made in India by Satya
15 grams (Approx 15 sticks)
Price: £1.80
Incense Stick Holder
Wooden holder with brass motif insert. 30cm. Picked at random from stock.
The designs vary and we can't promise to have the one you want in stock. Please drop us an email and we will try our best for you.
Price: £1.20
How to use:
Light the end of the stick and wait a few moments for the stick to start burning properly and then blow out the flame.  The stick will now smoulder and give off its fragrant smoke.  Place the stick in a suitable holder and be aware that the burning stick will produce ash.  The stick will burn itself out. Dispose of the residue once it has cooled completely.