Merrymoon - ...for something a bit different...
What is Merrymoon?
Way back in the mists of time, well 1997, after a long time interest in living a natural life - being a witch helped - I qualified as a Masseuse and Clinical Aromatherapist,  I used to make aromatherapy natural remedies for friends and family as a hobby.  My friends and family were so pleased with the results that they "commissioned" ever diverse products fom me, moisturisers, lip balms, bath salts etc. 
A chance meeting with an old friend in 2003 led to the opening of a Saturday stall in the old market hall in Llandudno; I added incense, gemstones and dreamcatchers and other complimentary medicines to my ranges.  Saturday then became Saturday and Sunday, which became Friday, Saturday and Sunday which became... well you get the idea. 
When a small shop became vacant on Upper Mostyn Street, I talked two other stall holders into sharing the shop with me.  A man who did make-up and costume jewellery and a man who did general nic-nacs.  Within 18 months I had bought them both out. I added Silver and Gemstone jewellery and stopped doing the make-up (I made my own).  I changed the nic-nacs for esoteric nic-nacs and was well on the way to being what we are today. 
The name?  My married name is Morris and my maiden name was Mooney - this became Morrimoon.  So many people pronounced it merry that when we moved to "the big shop" I changed it to Merrymoon - I also thought it reflected what we were a bit better than the previous name.
Along the way, I qualified in Reiki, Reflexology, Crystal Therepy, Geomancy, Councilling and Tarot as well as attending courses on Nutrition, Natural Healing, Meditation, Ear candling, Shamanism and Modern Witchcraft.  I was determined that if a customer asked a question, I would at least know what they meant and if I didn't - Google is a wonderful thing....
In November 2006 we took the brave discision to move across the road to the big corner shop.  Although this seemed like a good idea at the time, the costs were enormous and we ended up having to stop the clothing range because we needed the floor space the changing room took up to sell souvenirs and trinkets (nothing esoteric about them) just to pay the overheads for the shop.  Bucket and spade and massage blend, anyone?  I had felt for sometime that we had lost our focus but we had a six year lease....
In October 2012, we moved to the Town House on Church Walks.  A building much better suited to who we are.  Set over two floors and having such a quirky shape to the rooms together with the traditional black and white with Georgian windows to the outside, we knew we had finally found our home. 
To be continued......
(there will be photos as soon as they are not looking! - had no idea everyone was so shy)
Well there's me... Sue.  I'm just slightly over 21 (plus VAT x 2.1) Married to Bryan for 30 years, three children and two grandsons - and plenty said about me above.
Bryan (same stats as above) who turns up occaisonally and stands behind the till (his description of himself) He pretends he knows nothing - don't believe him!
Jean, an Aromatherapist and ardent supporter of all things natural.  A true Merrymooner and one of the nicest people you could meet.
We all love what we do, love people and love Llandudno.